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To build mobile apps to manage the challenges of regulatory compliance

While much of the business world has become truly mobile, those responsible for their firm’s regulatory compliance remain chained to their desks. The physical drafting, sorting and filing of compliance material is still very much the norm. At Digital Compliance, we believe it is time to emancipate compliance professionals from these physical constraints and help them move into the digital world.

Our mission is to provide compliance personnel that work for companies in regulated industries with the ability to understand, stay current with and manage their compliance obligations from anywhere.

Team Members

Scott Gottlieb

Founder and Content Manager

Timur Migirov

Head of Product Development

Gene Migirov

Head of Technology

Our Product

CCO Companion for iPad

Ease your compliance burden

Each year investment advisers must contend with thousands of compliance-related releases. To stay on top of your compliance obligations, you should review them all. CCO Companion saves you time and effort by sifting through all this material and providing you with only the information you need.

Raise your compliance IQ

Before a document is added to CCO Companion, it is first analyzed by a compliance professional for relevance and usefulness. As a result, every time you use CCO Companion you are benefiting from compliance knowledge that can only be gained through years of experience.

Reduce your compliance risk

Investment advisers face increased risk from a rapidly changing regulatory landscape. CCO Companion reduces the risk of compliance violations by providing you with the information you need to keep ahead of all the latest regulatory developments.

Features That Matter

Reference Library

All essential compliance information at your fingertips.

Reference Library

Advisers are overloaded with information. CCO Companion cuts through the clutter and provides you with only the information you really need.

News & Alerts

Direct updates from key regulators and compliance experts.

News & Alerts

Regulators are using increasingly aggressive tactics against investment advisers. CCO Companion keeps you current with the latest developments.


Fully customize with your firm’s own compliance documents.


Whether you use our compliance documents or upload your own, adding customized material to the mix truly gives you the ability to manage your compliance from anywhere.
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